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Sailing into Spring/Summer 2023: A Journey of Style and Adventure

At The Wild Production, we live for creative collaborations, and our ongoing partnership with Fay Brand has been nothing short of inspiring. Our latest adventure took us to the high seas as we went on a mission to capture the essence of the Wind and Sea collection for Spring/Summer 2023. Join us on this as we unveil the magic that unfolded aboard a magnificent sailing boat at sunrise.

Creative Concept:

Navigating the Harbor of Style

Our creative concept for this sailing expedition was to narrate the journey of style and adventure. We envisioned our model, Andre, clad in Fay Brand's remarkable Rain Jacket, as a modern-day explorer navigating the tranquil waters of Lagos Harbor. The jacket, inspired by the blue sky and water, was the centerpiece of this nautical tale, transforming a classic canvas jacket into a seasonal must-have.

Setting Sail at Sunrise:

The story began as we set sail on a big sailing boat, courtesy of our Brazilian friend Lucio, the boat's owner. Our goal was to capture the arrival at Lagos Harbor at the break of dawn, simulating the jacket's first encounter with the sea breeze and morning light.

Overcoming Challenges:

Our biggest challenge was to time our departure from the marina bridge precisely before sunrise to achieve the desired effect. To accomplish this, we spent the previous night on the boat due to the bridge opening only after sunrise

Behind the Scenes: A Dip in the Blue Hour

Behind the Scenes: A Dip in the Blue Hour

One behind-the-scenes moment was when our photographer, Massimo, took a daring plunge into the chilly waters at 6 AM. With the sky in shades of blue, he swam around the boat to capture breathtaking photos and videos of Andre and the boat from a unique perspective, adding a touch of adventure to the shoot.

A Relaxed Vibe and Fun Environment:

The atmosphere aboard the boat was nothing short of relaxed and fun. As we sailed through Lagos Harbor, the crew shared laughs, stories, and moments of camaraderie. It was a testament to the joyful spirit of Fay Brand's Wind and Sea collection.

The Standout Moment: Andre's High-Seas Swing

One standout moment was when our fearless model, Andre, decided to ascend the boat's highest mast.

With the wind in his hair, he swung around, creating a thrilling spectacle that added a touch of adventure and playfulness to the shoot.

Lessons Learned:

Timing is Everything: This project taught us the importance of precise timing in photography. Being in the right place at the right time, especially when capturing natural light, can make all the difference.

Embrace Adventure: Sometimes, the most memorable moments happen when you step out of your comfort zone. Massimo's daring dive into the sea exemplified this, reminding us that creativity knows no bounds.

Collaboration is Key:

in first place with our video maker who connected us with Lucio the boat owner and our seamless collaboration with Fay Brand ensured that every frame conveyed their brand message.

Open communication and shared creativity are the pillars of a successful project.

Fun is Fundamental:

Don't forget to have fun on the job! Andre's playful swing from the mast was a reminder that work and play can coexist beautifully.

Positive Feedback Fuels Ambition: The consistently positive feedback from Fay Brand and our audience motivates us to aim even higher in future projects.

We look forward to the possibility of contributing to Fay Brand's Archive in the future.

This journey aboard a sailing boat at sunrise was not only about capturing the essence of Fay Brand's Wind and Sea collection but also a reminder that adventure, style, and creativity are the sails that propel us forward into new horizons.

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Sep 13, 2023
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