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Joana Schenker for Fay Brand, how the idea came about

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Photo production model idea for Fay Brand

Sagres, Portugal is a breathtaking location with its perfect scenery and I found myself there during the second lockdown while working as a stylist and fashion editor for a magazine. Despite having a steady job, I was itching to pursue something more creative and liberating. What better place to do that than in a location that offered a natural connection between fashion and nature? It was one of my first surfing days down south when I first saw Joana Schenker in the ocean, a bodyboarder who was a true water goddess. Her grace and beauty were undeniable, and I knew she was the perfect fit for many fashion brands. Joana was already a European Bodyboard Champion, and her elegance made her stand out even more.

That's when I had an idea. I decided to pitch a concept to Fay, a brand I was already collaborating with in Milan. Fay was known for their classic outerwear but wanted to identify more and more with people who have interesting stories or live in close contact with nature. I showed them pictures of Joana, and they were impressed. They decided to send us windbreakers from Fay's latest collection for the shoot.

However, there was a catch; Fay wanted not only photographs but also a video. My team and I had to think creatively, and we decided to involve Gabriel, a Brazilian surfer living in the area. We used a big car a Defender to scout the waves, and Olaf Crato,

a great video maker and also a long-time friend of mine, came on board to make the video. Chloe was the make up artist.

We kept the styling to a minimum and aimed for a natural and authentic look.

We asked Joana and Gabriel to bring their own clothes and added some accessories like hats and shoes. The day before the photo shoot, we met Joana to choose the looks together, and the next day we started at dawn to capture the best light.

We covered a lot of ground and made content that ranged from country roads to the Cordoama miraduro, from Tonel beach to Martinhal Resort .

We shot a lot, and the results were incredible.

The client was extremely happy, and it was one of my first major successes.

This collaboration between The Wild Production and Fay was a turning point for me. It was one of the first significant projects I had carried out for a fashion brand, and the success it achieved was proof that with the right ideas, hard work, and determination, anything is possible.

Our team was small but mighty, and we all worked together seamlessly to bring this project to life. We made sure to take advantage of the natural light and the stunning location, which allowed us to capture the essence of Sagres. Me and Massimo organized the timing, the location, and the project in a successful way. And also as a stylist, my job was to ensure that the clothes complemented the environment and the models. Fay's windbreakers were perfect for the project, as they were classic and functional, yet stylish. Joana and Gabriel brought their unique styles to the table, and together we created a stunning visual story. We organized everything in a perfect way and we felt very proud, also the feedback from the client was super good.

This project allowed me to tap into my creative side, and it was a reminder that sometimes the most innovative ideas come from the simplest of things. The project also gave me the opportunity to work again with Fay, a well-known brand, which opened up doors to more significant projects and collaborations. The success of this project also taught me the importance of working with the right people, like Massimo who’s for me a great photographer I’ve always trusted in, and also my trusted partner for The Wild Production.

Some of backstage from my Iphone

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